Families pay a low monthly membership fee for primary care services with unlimited office visits, text messaging, email, and telemedicine. Because AfterBirth is not bound by insurance demands, we have longer appointment times.

AfterBirth also offers pediatric care as a cash based option with appointments (based on schedule availability.)

Specialty services are available to members and non-members. All specialty services (except extended problem postpartum checks, pre-birth planning, and infant massage classes) are included in membership.

We want you to see the benefits of joining our family!


Birth to Age 18

Newborn well visit in-home (up to 6 weeks) included

  • All well & sick visits plus telemedicine $39/month
  • Additional in-home well/sick visits (Travel Fee) $30/visit
  • Additional family member(s) $20/month


  • Sick or well visits $85
  • In-home well/sick visits (Travel Fee) $60/visit
  • Telemedicine (must be seen in person one time prior) $40/visit
  • Drivers or sports physical exam $20
  • Camp physical exam $30
  • College physical exam $50

Specialty Services

Designed for parents/guardians of member

1-time visit for non-member


Third trimester prebirth planning
28 weeks and up
  • Anticipatory guidance for mood and emotional well-being; infant care and feeding; sexuality, contraception, and birth spacing; sleep and fatigue; physical recovery from birth; health maintenance; review birth plan (2-Hours) $175


Early postpartum check-ins for parents/guardians of members
  • Lactation, physical, and mental health care at newborn visit, weeks 1, 2, and 4 (30 minutes) included in membership price
Early postpartum (birth to 6 weeks)
  • Total postpartum (90 mins) + 1 follow up visit $150

    Lactation, physical & mental health

  • Postpartum health (60 mins) + 1 follow up visit $100

    Physical or mental health

  • Lactation visit (60 mins) + 1 follow up visit $100

    Lactation only

  • Additional follow up visits (30 mins) $40


  • STI Care (Member) included in membership price
  • STI Care (Non-member) $40

Infant Massage Instruction

  • 5-Week Session $120
  • Nonrefundable deposit at booking $20

    Paid in full 48 hours before 1st session

No Enrollment Fee

  • First and last month membership fee to start $78

No Show / Cancellations

  • 24 hours         
  • Release from practice after 3 no-shows
  • May be rescheduled if more than 15-mins late
  • Nonmembers  ($50)
  • 50% nonrefundable deposit to reschedule

Membership cancellation

  • 30 days

Reinstatement fee after cancelled membership ($120)