What are Nurse Practitioners & Nurse Midwives?

Advanced practice registered nurses with higher level nursing degrees and certifications

  • perform well checkups and sick visits
  • prescribe medications, therapies, and medical equipment
  • order and interpret labs and diagnostic tests

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

  • serve newborn through 18-21 years
  • diagnose and treat common childhood illness and disease, e.g., ear infections and asthma
  • provide guidance for childhood health concerns and safety, e.g., obesity, ADHD, and mental health

Nurse Midwives

  • serve adolescence through menopause years and healthy newborn up to 28 days
  • diagnose and treat sexual, reproductive, and gynecologic problems
  • provide care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period including family planning services and preconception care

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